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9 of the 50 US States Have Increased Employment Bases

According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only nine states and the District of Columbia have been able to increase their employment bases since the year 2006 leaving the other 41 states behind.

The nine states include New York, Texas, North Dakota, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alaska, Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota in addition to the District Columbia. The other 41 states in the country have even smaller employment bases than they did in the year 2006. Of the states that have increased their bases, New York has created 3,700 more jobs now than it did five years ago, putting it in 10th place for job growth.

On the other hand, Texas and North Dakota are the two states with the largest increase. When looking strictly at numbers, Texas is the leader with 451,100 nonfarm jobs added between November 2006 and November 2011. During that span, no other state surpassed Texas and furthermore, no other state added more than 57,000 jobs during that time span. When looking at percentage points, North Dakota is the leader with a 12.7 percent employment gain – Texas is second with a 4.4 percent gain.

Unfortunately, where there’s a winner there’s a loser. California is the state with the biggest employment loss numerically at 947,000 jobs lost since November 2006. As the exact flip from North Dakota, Nevada suffered the worst percentage loss losing 12.7 percent of its employment base from November 2006. You can see a list of each state in the country, their rank and statistics proving that rank on Business Review.

SOURCE: The Business Review
IMAGE: Courtesy of Morris and Stone

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