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How Will 2011 Be Remembered?

The year is coming to a close and although it may seem like it flew by, there are some memorable events and happenings from the year that are important to note. The “iWorld” creator Steve Jobs passed away, Obama announced that troops are to be out of Iraq by the end of the year, news of the job market came out almost every day, Prince William and Kate Middleton married in a royal wedding and Kim Kardashian married then divorced only 72 days later. Whew! It was quite the year.

However interesting and important those events were, Spark News asks “what will we remember of the 2011 job market?” Ups, downs, more downs and back to small ups, the job market was a roller coaster and flurry of emotions for both job seekers and employers alike. Many say that the market is picking up, but others are still very skeptical. But what are some of the specific memories that will be lodged in our brains for months to come?

-Hiring wasn’t just difficult for job seekers. Employers seeking new workers found that there was a big mismatch between what they needed in a potential employee and what the job seekers had to offer. This is something Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder is working very hard at to rectify.

-Employers were strapped for cash (and still are) leading them to hire someone that is already fully familiar with the position. Meaning, they did not want to take the time, money or effort to train someone who might not work out in the long run. The hiring process became more intense because these employers wanted to hire someone who could come in and get right to work.

-Unpaid internships went on the rise. These unpaid internships, which in some cases were and still are illegal, allowed for employers to get the work done at no cost. Furthermore, inexperienced workers were grateful for the jobs even if they were unpaid because they needed to gain the workplace experience in order to find a paying job or someone that would hire them.

-How about a positive memory? They do exist! As a result of pressure to compete with global markets, businesses had more involvement in education, locally and nationally, hoping to create a more competitive market.

-Being as difficult as it was (and, again, still is) the lagging job market forced job seekers and employees to stay on their feet and think outside of the box. The old way of doing things likely didn’t work in 2011 and probably still won’t work in 2012. In tough times, the brightest and most motivated of people come out on top. Chances are that the desire to succeed forced many to try harder and live up to their full potential- and that is never a bad thing.

-Employees struggling to keep their jobs likely went above and beyond to satisfy their employers to ensure that they would have a job. Increased productivity, greater focus and more attention to detail leads to better work and a better product for the company or business.

When you look back on 2011, the initial reaction may be to cringe and immediately snatch up a couple Advil to ease the ensuing headache. However, there is always a silver lining, and those that can see it and appreciate it are more likely to succeed in the vicious, unyielding job market of today and of tomorrow. If not, 2012 is a new year for all. And for all a good night.
Happy New Years!

SOURCE: Kansas City Star
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