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Is Email Dead?

With 188 billion emails sent each day, it is easy to see that email is certainly not dead. Even though there are other communication platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, email still reigns supreme, and that makes sense. With thousands upon thousands of businesses in the United States and all over the world using email as their go to or standard form of communication internally and externally it was bound to still be ahead of social media platforms. If Robert from HR wants to ask you an important business question, he’s not going to ask you through Facebook. Unless, maybe if he works for Facebook…but chances are slim.

According to the infographic below, there are roughly 3 billion email accounts while Facebook holds only 750 million and Twitter with 300 million accounts. Furthermore, on average people update their email accounts 64.8 times a day and only update their Facebook accounts .008 times a day, on average. We all know who the avid updaters on our timelines are, but even with the excessive updates of compulsive Facebook users, email greatly surpasses it. Perhaps the most interesting statistic in the graphic is that 14 percent of email accounts are held in North America while 47 percent are located in Asia. To top it off, the United States is the number one spam generator in the world with Korea at number two. When spam costs businesses $20.5 billion a year in decreased productivity and technical expenses, we don’t really want to be the number one producer of said spam emails.


Nicole Nicholson

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