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10 Keywords That Can Boost Your Resume

The Huffington Post published an article that discusses the top 10 terms or skills that companies are looking for in their job postings. According to the article, the ten fastest-growing keywords have nothing to do with punctuality or the writing skills most people are used to. Perhaps not surprisingly, the top ten skills are all related to social media, mobile development and software development.

It is interesting to note that Facebook and Twitter fell off the list and were replaced by skills used in “cloud computing.” Take a look at the top ten words that companies are using in their job postings. If you possess, use and place them correctly in your resume or application, you could heighten the visibility and interest of your skills.

#10. Social Media
Social Media is a great way for companies and businesses to connect one-on-one with their customers. New employees that have social media down to a science can prove to be valuable asses to the business. Additionally, Social Media Marketing Managers are also in high demand reports the Post.

#9. PaaS
“Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a tool used for developing programs in the cloud,” reports the Post. “PaaS are development platforms for which the development tool itself is hosted in the cloud and accessed through a browser.”

#8. jQuery
“jQuery is a JavaScript Library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations and add Ajax interactions to your web pages.” jQuery is the most popular JavaScript Library on the internet with over 24 million sites using it. Web development jobs frequently included this keyword.

#7. Hadoop
The Post explains Hadoop as “an open-source data storage and processing framework for consolidating, combining and understanding large-scale data.”

#6. Puppet
Puppet is a software tool used in cloud computing. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Puppet is a “lever used to control data center computers in a more automated fashion. The software has helped companies tap vast stores of computing power in new ways, accelerating research in fields such as financial modeling and genetics.

#5. Mobile App
Various mobile applications have the potential to assist small businesses and companies. With the creation of a mobile application, small businesses have the opportunity to gain more customers. The Post reports that employers are eager to hire mobile developers to expand their reach.

#4. Android
“According to Nielsen’s Q3 2011 report on smartphone market share, Android is the most popular smartphone platform in the U.S., commanding 43 percent of the market. Data shows that Android developers are a favorite of job recruiters.”

#3. iOS
According to Nielsons Q3 report, iOS is second behind Android as the most popular mobile operating platform. iOS developers are in high demand more so now than before.

#2. MongoDB
“MongoDB is an open-source database, combining scalability, performance and ease of use with traditional relational database features such as dynamic queries and indexes.” Employers that are seeking software engineers look for job seekers with knowledge of MongoDB.

#1. HTML5
HTML5 is a new wen standard for presenting content online. “Between January 2010 and January 2011, the popularity of this keyword grew exponentially. Popular jobs associated with this keyword are web developer, front end developer and software engineer,” reported the Post.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post
IMAGE: The Huffington Post

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