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5 Tips to Landing a Job

An article in Flyer News covers 5 tips that job seekers should utilize in their ongoing search to find a job or career. The 5 tips come from Ryan Kahn, a career coach and star of MTV’s show “Hired!”, and are geared primarily towards recent college graduates and college students. He also has a book out titled “Hired! The Guide for the Recent Grad.” Though the advice is aimed at helping young adults snag a job, the tips can be utilized by almost anyone in their quest to find the job they want. Take a look at the tips and consider using them for your job search.

1. Don’t Apply to Every Open Position
Spark Hire covered this same tip in a post about the Do’s and Do Not’s of the hiring process, but it is an important tip to cover. Kahn reiterated this fact by saying, “The biggest error I see is people blasting their resume out to every job opening online. A better strategy is pick out a handful of positions you are truly qualified for and put all of your efforts and resources into those specific openings.” Doing this is clearly a better strategy than applying to every job that you find because employers may notice the lack of effort.

2. Get an Internship First
This may be a no-brainer but in this job market especially, it is much easier for recent college graduates to find an internship before a job. While some internships may be unpaid, there are a lot of paid internships and they are a great way for students to get their foot in the door. Kahn says, “the more experience and contacts you make, the better you are positioning yourself for your future.”

3. Network, Network, Network
This may also be a no-brainer but a lot of people may take this tip a bit too far. Exploring the company you want to work for and becoming familiar with the companies’ structure and team is essential. You can follow and engage with the company social media accounts. You don’t want to contact anyone that works in the company too many times because it will likely be seen as pestering rather than tactfully contacting them for information or an in to the company.

4. Think of New Ways to Grab Employer’s Attention
Unique ways of getting your resume or application noticed are usually always welcomed by employers. The traditional online reading of resumes and cover letters can get boring and tedious and if you can think of a tactful yet unique way of standing out, your chances of landing an interview are much greater. Kahn suggests thinking “Inside the Box” by “mailing your resume to a hiring manager using an empty shipping box filled with just one copy of your resume” inside.

5. Follow Up
Following up after submitting a resume or after an interview may seem odd or awkward to some applicants, but it is really necessary. It reminds the employer who you are and what you brought to the table with your resume or meeting. Kahn states how “job seekers fail to follow up because they are afraid of rejection.” You may be afraid of rejection of not landing the job, but if you don’t follow up and end up hearing nothing, the outcome is the same. The difference is, if you follow up, you are making employers notice you again and you may have a better chance of landing the job.

SOURCE: Flyer News

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