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Majors that Offer Many Career Opportunities

As discussed yesterday, students of the University of Nebraska Omaha have started to doubt their futures in the job market. Some of them have even avoided certain majors altogether because they do not offer any job stability when they graduate. With that in mind, Spark Hire took a look at some of the majors at universities that have many different career opportunities.

If you are not part of the few lucky people that know exactly what they want to study when they enter college, then these majors might be the ones you want to check out. If you graduate with any of these, you’re not limited to one specific career choice and it might be easier to find a job.

Biology majors aren’t just for the future doctors and nurses of the world. If you enjoy science, you can take a biology major and when you graduate you can work in pharmaceutical sales, become a lab assistant or go on to continue your education for more options.

Business Management
Business majors offer a number of options when you graduate. You can continue your education and go on to create your own business. If that’s not part of your plan, the classes that are part of business majors teach skills that are very important in the job market. Decision-making, interpersonal skills, complex planning, working with numbers and other areas taught in business classes offer lessons that are valuable when you enter into the workforce.

An English major is more than just a great set-up for being a teacher or professor of English. When studying in the major, students learn a significant amount of skills in analyzing texts and situations alike. Looking at text with a critical eye is also a skill picked up in this major. With an English major, students can go on to law school, counseling, research assisting, public relations and/or advertising. Just remember English majors are not just for the future teachers or professors of the world.

SOURCE: CareerBliss

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