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Last year, three guys launched, an Amsterdam-based music startup that joined music blogs and the music that they covered together. With, users could check out music blogs and listen to the artist’s music as they read the posts. It was a great site for discovering and learning about more music and pooling together music from blogs all over the internet by genre.

As the startup has evolved, users can now play continuous mixes of their favorite music blogs, utilize a search function to browse through songs and different artists and create their own personalized channels by liking their favorite blogs and tracks. The blogs can also utilize a “play this blog” button that launches the blogs own music channel. With all of these features that mesh Pandora and together, it’s hard to imagine what more the startup could build upon. To be successful as a company though, startups are constantly adding and growing, and that is exactly was has done. They recently added Flipboard, an iPad application that turns music blogs and websites into radio stations that have a “Flipboard-style layout of words, pictures and streaming audio.”

The application basically turns the into a magazine that includes content “from a diverse set of music bloggers and experts in realtime (content is updated by the minute), providing a ready-to-consume filtered stream of music optimized for discoverability and at the same time presenting a curated experience so that users don’t have to deal with parsing the ridiculous amount of noise being dished out by music content producers. In other words, it’s music listening with an editorial filter,” as TechCrunch reports. Rather than going along with what most music sites like Pandora do by organizing stations according to existing tastes, it brings audio to its user in genre-based channels that populated by blogs like Pitchfork. While this fusion of music and music-related articles is far from new or groundbreaking but it is the first to fuse it into an application and physical site.

Check out the app here!


Nicole Nicholson

Nicole is the Content Editor for Spark Hire and mainly writes for and edits the work for the Spark News blog. She graduated in 2010 with a BA in Journalism from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. She has a passion for writing, editing, and pretty much anything to do with content. In her free time she frequents the Chicago music scene and writes reviews on shows for her own personal blog. Connect with Nicole and Spark Hire on Facebook and Twitter

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