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Startups Band Together to Attract Job Seekers

Earlier in the week we posted a blog that highlighted the CEO of Steve Rosenbaum’s Hierarchy of Startup needs. In that article, he made several comparisons to Silicon Valley and New York and how the different atmosphere’s foster different results for startup companies. One of his more prominent arguments was based on the fact that startups in Silicon Valley do not work together as much as those in New York. Hew was quoted saying, “My friends in the Valley describe a far more isolated, dog eat dog, every man (or woman) for himself world…New York is a community, and membership is open to anyone who wants to belong. The Valley, not so much.”

Perhaps the startups in San Francisco should take a note from their fellow Californians down south in San Diego. An article in wrote on a group of startup companies in San Diego banding together to gain more job seeker attention to their companies. According to the article SweetLabs, the software developer behind Pokki and OpenCandy, along with nine other startup companies will hold an event on December 1 called 10 Startups, $100 Million in Funding, 100 New Jobs. “SweetLabs said the event is aimed at showing product managers, designers, developers and other “technology superstars” how much is happening in the San Diego area.”


Nicole Nicholson

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