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Great Travel Jobs Within Reach

So you love to travel but can’t afford it? What if your expenses were covered by your employer because traveling around the world was part of your job? Here are a few options for those wanting to work and travel abroad.

1. Freelance Writer/Photographer

If you begin writing and submitting articles to magazines, journals and blogs that you are an expert in you may be able to secure yourself a position. If you are and economist and you write for The Economist or Financial times, your location is no longer important so you can live and travel anywhere.

2. ESL Teacher

These positions are often easy to find if you want to live in Asia. Japan, China, Thailand, Korea and Vietnam are popular options and the positions pay reasonably well taking living expenses into consideration.

3. Cruise Ship Positions

Cruise Ships offer dozens of jobs with varying education and experience requirements including positions like sound technicians, casino dealers, chefs, waiter/waitress, hotel managers and diving instructors.

4. Au Pair

Families that can afford a permanent nanny or babysitter are usually very wealthy. You may be taken along to gourmet meals, private chauffeurs and free vacations.

5. Peace Corps Volunteer

Although you don’t get paid much, the perks include health insurance and student loan deferrals. The application process can also be a bit daunting with essays, references, college transcripts, financial/medical history information and interviews.

SOURCE: Matador Network

Mark Spirek

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