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Looking For a Job? Pay Attention to the Do’s and Do Not’s

There is a plethora of advice and information out there as to what a job seeker should and should not do when they are applying and interviewing for a job. But how many of these experts actually have the inside scoop? In an article from CNN, a human resources manager from gives real advice as to what job seekers should and should not do when seeking a job. According to the article, the online company hires 30 new employees every month from February to October, so it’s a definite that their human resources manager Christa Foley knows what she is talking about.

One of the biggest issues Foley sees with applicants is that they are applying for too many positions within the same company. “They apply to too many jobs on our site, and when the jobs are unrelated, as they often are, it makes the candidate look too desperate and not serious.” It’s easy to get carried away with applying to multiple positions but you should take the time to find the position that you are qualified most for and put all of your effort into that application.

Questions are obviously a huge part of the interview process. Some companies like to stick to the old-school questions like “what are your best qualities?” “what are your worst?” Newer companies though have stepped out of the box and ask different questions that allow them to better understand what kind of employee you are. Foley stated that one of her favorite questions to ask a candidate is “What’s the biggest misperception people typically have about you?” According to her, this question gives her a better idea of how honest and sincere a candidate is. It also allows her to see if the candidate would fit into their company’s culture. Of course, the interview process is not just a one-way street. It’s a chance for you to ask questions too. One of Foley’s favorite questions a candidate asked her was “Which employee do you think best represents the Zappos culture and why?” With an honest answer, this can give you an idea of what their company and employees are like.

After an interview, it is stressed that you need to follow up with the interviewer. A lot of candidates though are unsure of how many times they should follow up or when they should send a follow up email. Foley stated that the biggest problem she has with this area is when candidates do not listen to the feedback she is giving them. If she told them she would contact them by the end of the week, then the candidate should not follow up before the end of the week. Also, it is not in your best interest to contact multiple people in the company about an open position. “Please don’t email the Director of HR, the CEO and the VP of Marketing about your résumé.”

Finding a job can be a long and difficult process. Chances are you will have to apply to many positions before you even get a call back from one. Even though it’s a tough job market, there are still jobs out there and the right one is out there for you. Keep some of these tips in mind when you are applying and interviewing in order to fully maximize your job search process.


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