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Jobs that Work to Provide Green Energy are Up

While the job market remains a depressing let-down for the unemployed, those looking for jobs focused on green power production are in luck.
A lot of businesses have started to focus their attention on green energy use. With new ways to make your business green becoming more and more prevalent, the need for workers in this industry has increased. “The focus on renewable and clean energy and sustainability has led to tremendous growth in these industries over the past several years,” says Marjorie Kass, MXenergy managing director of marketing. “All indications are that growth is expected to continue which will mean the need for trained, experienced personnel.”

According to an article in newStaar Media, there was a 64 percent increase in the installation of solar photovoltaic cells or solar panels within the United States during the second half of the first decade of the 21st century. Just that one statistic shows that the demand for these jobs is much higher than most. On top of that, statistics also show that 85,000 jobs in wind power energy currently exist in the country. For job seekers, it seems like finding a job in the “go green” industry is the best option today.

SOURCE: newStaar

Nicole Nicholson

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