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Kno makes textbooks smarter

Digital textbook iPad, web, and Facebook app startup Kno recently introduced a bevy of new features to differentiate from the competition. Besides offering over 100,000 eTextbooks at 30%-50% their physical counterparts, Kno now offers Journal, Quiz Me, Smart Links, and 3D to it’s iPad costumers.

“Journal automatically transfer any highlights, pictures, stickies or notes from your textbook into a digital notebook. Journal saves you time studying by centralizing what’s most important to you and allowing you to quickly search and add annotations to your notes. Quiz Me turns any diagram in your textbook or PDFs into an instant quiz. The Quiz Me feature hides the text labels of any image or diagram prompting you to fill them back in, helping you study more effectively. Smart Links maps instructional videos, images, and photos to formulas & concepts in your book. Kno 3D brings Chemistry figures to life, giving you a hands on experience that lets you rotate, spin and zoom objects in your textbook.”


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