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Kleiner Perkins invests in FindTheBest

Investment firm Kleiner Perkins has just put $4 million into FindTheBest, that’s on top of $2 million they invested last December. Kleiner Perkins is famous for funding Amazon, AOL, and Google, among others, in their early stages.

FindTheBest is a ‘comparison engine’ for use with large data sets. They gather and consolidate data on everything (film schools, smart phones, dog food, ski resorts, salaries, etc.) and make it easily sortable. This is similar to what Expedia and other travel sites do with airline tickets but much broader. Here’s an example of FTB in action – a comparison of the best business credit cards.

The company of 25 employees (headed by former DoubleClick CEO Kevin O’Connor) plans to expand their engine to less tangible things like crime statistics as well as comparisons of service workers like nannies and gardeners.

SOURCE: FindTheBest

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