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The Upside to Working from Home

The Upside to Working from HomeWhile working from home certainly isn’t for everyone, there are some major perks to consider when it comes to this kind of employment. As more and more companies are abandoning an office in favor of a virtual working environment, it’s time to take a closer look at the perks that a remote employee will enjoy:

It provides a peaceful place to think

If you’re an introverted person or just do your best thinking in quiet, remote work can foster your most productive and creative efforts. Many people find that they’re distracted by the cubicle environment. They may be tempted to lean over and talk to their cubemate, or they may have a hard time talking on the phone with clients as they hear snippets of conversation from colleagues as they pass by. These distractions are gone when you work from home, making it easier to focus your full attention on the task at hand.

For more introverted types who cringe at the thought of office birthday parties and small talk around the coffee pot, working from home provides a much more comfortable environment for doing business. Working from home also cuts down (or eliminates entirely) the need for presentations in front of large groups of people, which is a relief to those who find public speaking to be panic-inducing.

It’s better for the environment (and your wallet)

When you eliminate the commute to work every day, you’re saving on gas and helping to protect the environment. As an added bonus, your wallet will thank you when you fill up at the pump far less frequently. For many people, this point alone is a huge reason why they love saying goodbye to the traditional office environment. Particularly in places where morning commutes can last an hour or more, the virtual office provides solace and allows an individual to start their morning peacefully, instead of in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

You save on business attire

For those who have no interest in spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on business attire, working from home is the perfect solution. You get to stay productive, without worrying about dress pants and blouses or suits.

While it takes a certain personality type to be successful while working from home, there are many employees who swear by this unique employment situation. It’s becoming increasingly common to see companies turning to virtual work setups in order to cut costs, making those who delight in the idea of spending the day working from the comfort of their own home quite satisfied.

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