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Fast-Track Your Career With These Top 12 IT Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

So, you’ve decided you want to work in IT, but what sort of job should you look for? It is always important to find a career that will both satisfy your income needs and provide you with personal interest and satisfaction, but you need to make sure you have the right tool set of skills and background for the perfect career path. Thanks to the folks at and their infographic below, you can see at a glance the top jobs in IT for an excellent career path.

Each of these jobs will have their own required qualifications. Some won’t require a college degree at all, but some will require a Master’s degree or higher. Before you think that just your degree will be enough, be aware that many jobs (such as network engineering positions) will also require some sort of certification. Your university degree program might already include coursework to prepare you for these certifications, but you should check and make sure before you get too deep into your studies.

So, what kind of job might you find that will fast-track you to a successful career? Some of the options include computer systems analyst, mechanical engineer, or web developer. For each of these job titles, you can expect a salary between $70,000 and $90,000 per year. Want even greater earning potential? Consider a position as a Cloud Architect, which pays an average of $112,000, or look into one of the potential careers on the horizon.

To land these fast-track positions, you need to make sure you have all of the qualifications required. In addition to the infographic below, be sure to check some job postings in that field, and pay careful attention to what job qualifications the employers are looking for. Then, you can tailor your education to make sure you hit all of those points.

You should also consider working an internship during your college degree program, since internships can lead to excellent experience that may even put you a bit higher on the pay scale than an entry-level position will be.

Make sure you get your degree from a reputable institution, and keep your grades up. While not all employers will look at your transcripts, some will, so it is still important to maintain those high standards of excellence that will later prepare you for a high standard of excellence on the job.

With the right training and education, you can have an IT job that will be fulfilling and successful, and you will find yourself in a position with job security and excellent benefits.

About the Author: Mark Arnold has worked for years as an HR manager. Now, Mark enjoys educating others who are new to the field through a number of online blogs and platforms.

The 12 Top IT Jobs That Will Fast Track Your Career

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