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The Holiday Job Hunting Myths You Have to Stop Believing

If you’re currently looking for a job, you’ve probably gotten opinions from everyone and their mother about holiday job hunting. While these people mean well, there are often a number of different myths that get perpetuated during the holiday job hunt season. Some of these common misconceptions include:

“Nobody hires new employees in December”

In reality, companies are anxious to have new hires in place by the first of the year, which means that they are, in fact, actively hiring during December. Though this time of year is typically more hectic than other months, business still needs to get done and they need people to fill important roles. Don’t get discouraged if you’re trying to job hunt during the holiday season. Despite what your best friend, mom, or next door neighbor says, businesses are hiring.

“Even if they are hiring in December, the jobs available aren’t the good ones”

You’re just as likely to find a job you love in December as you are in March or July. There is no set time of year when the “good” jobs are advertised. It just depends on that company’s needs and budget. And if you do start in December, it’s actually an easier time to get adjusted to a new workplace, since this time of year is typically filled with holiday parties and a general sense of cheer.

“Nothing happens from Thanksgiving until January 1st

While business may slow down a bit during the busy holiday months, there is no truth to the idea that it stops for the holidays. Regardless of what’s going on during that time of year, companies need qualified, competent people, and they’re going to continue to actively look for these individuals until they find them.

“You won’t actually start work until January 1st

This varies totally depending on the company. Some people prefer to get their new hires into place after the first of the year, while other businesses have a more immediate need and want them to start as soon as possible. Your start date will truly depend on the company you’re working for, and how immediate their need is. If they can’t function without an employee in that role, they will fill the position regardless of whether it’s January or December.

“You won’t get in touch with a hiring manager during the holiday season”

While it can certainly be trickier to schedule times for meetings and discussions with a potential employer, it will happen regardless of the time of year. It’s just up to a potential new hire to be flexible. You may have one meeting, and then wait two weeks to get a second interview due to holiday parties and time off. However, even though the process may slow down, it will still chug along during the holiday season.

What are some other common holiday season-related hiring myths that you’ve heard?

Lauren Levine

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