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4 Ways to Recharge Your Job Search

Searching, applying and landing the right job for you can take months, if not years, these days. Considering this, it’s not surprising that many job seekers get burnt out on the entire process after a few months. Whether you’re happily employed, just starting the search or out of patience after months in the trenches, you can recharge your job search with these tips, tricks and tactics.

1. Do some planning. A successful job search is measured in quality, not quantity. Don’t apply for every open position you see. Rather, figure out who you are, where your strengths and interests lie and then begin your search. Forbes suggests, “If you’re not sure what type of role suits you best, be willing to experiment. You can do this through volunteer work or offering to do pro bono work for people you know.”

2. Treat job hunting as a full-time job. This is a must-do from Forbes too. Considering the length of time the average job search takes, you can’t treat the process lightly. Filling out job applications, sending out your resume and attending job interviews should be done around the clock. At night and on the weekends, you can even visit job fairs and networking events in your area. Job seekers who put the time, resources and effort into their job search will see results a lot sooner.

3. Get creative. With all of the technology at your disposal, you have the ability to stretch the boundaries of your job search. This includes creating and sending out a creative or video resume. These work to not only showcase your professional and academic experience but who you are as an individual. Not to mention, these application components will get you noticed over the competition.

4. Focus on your personal brand. If applying to job after job has gotten stale, work on building your personal brand. This can be done through social media or a blog of your own creation. Working on your online presence can help boost your search rankings when recruiters come across your resume. But more importantly, they are just another asset that turns you from another resume in a stack to a person with high potential.

It’s easy to get bogged down into the mundane and sometimes disappointing process of applying (and getting rejected) from job opportunities. However, recharging your job search gives you perspective and enables you to implement new strategies into searching and applying for jobs. And while all of this is helpful, the most important way to recharge your job search is through some good, old-fashioned patience. The right opportunity will come along, and when it does, you’ll be ready!

What are some other ways you can recharge your job search? Share now in our comments!

Kathryn Randolph

Kathryn is a freelance writer currently living in Chicago, Illinois. She holds a B.A. in English Writing from DePauw University and has five years experience writing for major job search and higher education websites. When she's not writing for the web, Kathryn is hanging out with her new baby girl, traveling, cooking, reading and running. She believes that the perfect job is out there for everyone and hopes to help Spark Hire job seekers discover their career passion and pursue it.

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