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Think Inside The Box for Job Interviews

Job seekers have heard from time to time that thinking outside the box produces unexpected but good results in situations. When it comes to the job interview, thinking outside the box may not be the best approach because job seekers may bring up information that isn’t relevant to the job position. Hiring managers are looking for candidates to demonstrate how their past experiences, skills, strengths and personality can make a significant contribution to their organization. Don’t come out of left field during the job interview, instead, try thinking inside the box.

During the job interview, job seekers should frame their answers to relate to the job position they are applying for. Bringing something up that isn’t relevant to the job will get the job interviewers attention, but not in a good way. Dig into the job description, take away the listed required skills and see how your experiences can best sell yourself for the position. For example, if the job interviewer asks what your dream job is, you want to focus on the qualities of the position or the field that are important to you and relate them back to the job that you are applying for.

Thinking inside the box may seem like a less creative and spontaneous approach than compared to thinking outside the box, but it’s a more professional approach. Job seekers should take job interviews seriously as they have put a lot of time and effort in the job search to get this far. Attempting to be different by stepping outside the box always has the potential to fail, so it’s best to leave the gamble off the table.

There is still room for creativity in thinking inside the box. Job seekers should present anecdotes that relate to the job, but still show how their own unique experiences make them a qualified candidate. Personality is still a big component to a job interview, so bringing a lot enthusiasm and energy to the job interview will impress the job interviewer.

Job seekers should prepare for the job interview by placing themselves inside the box of the job position and the company they are applying for. The more familiar they are with what the company is looking for and what the job position demands, the better they will do in the job interview. Save the thinking outside the box for later.

Have you tried thinking inside the box? If so, tell us about it below!

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Hanna Guerrero

Hannah is an intern writer here at Spark Hire. She is from the northern suburbs in Chicago and is currently studying journalism at DePaul University. She has always had a passion for writing which is why Journalism has proven to be the perfect career for her. She has written for the DePaulia Online on various topics such as fashion, music, movies and television. She loves living in Chicago because it offers exciting events to write stories on. In her free time she enjoys going to music concerts, watching movies with friends, cooking vegetarian food and walking her adorable Cocker Spaniel Coco.

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