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Should You Re-apply for a Job That Previously Rejected You?

Many job seekers are hesitant to re-apply for a position they were once previously rejected for, but if the position is one they are really attracted to, the worst thing that can happen is that they are rejected again. If job seekers believe that they have enhanced their credentials for the job, or that their resume is better tailored to pass the resume applicant tracking systems (ATS), then they should re-apply.

Job seekers are hesitant to re-apply for the same position for two major reasons. The first is fear of another rejection, and the second is they aren’t sure if they are allowed to apply again. However, if job seekers simply contact someone in human resources directly, they will more often than not allow you to re-apply. In addition, some employers may indicate that once you have sent in your resume online that they will keep it on file for a specific period of time, but you cannot always trust that.

In many cases, when it comes to having been rejected by a job applied for online, the employer rejected the resume and not the job seeker. This is why it’s crucial for job seekers to have their resumes tailored to the job posting description, so it passes the ATS scan. It is also recommended that all fields, including those optional, be filled out. After re-applying online, job seekers should do their best to reach out to the organization to follow-up on their application. Job seekers should indicate that they reworked their resume to better show how they are an ideal candidate for the position.

If a job seeker came close to landing a position of desire once before, he or she should consider re-applying. For these job seekers, it’s a matter of knowing when to re-apply. Typically, it is recommended that at least four months pass in order to re-apply. In four months, the candidate who was hired may have been promoted, left the job, been fired, or moved departments. Even if the position is still filled, the employer may consider a job seeker for another similar job role.

Job seekers know that rejection can be tough. Especially when it is for a job they already applied for once before. As a result, job seekers must seriously consider if this role is worth it. If so, they must stress how they are the ideal candidate for the role through the cover letter, resume and interview.

Have you ever thought about re-applying for a job? Let us know your thoughts below!

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