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Spark Hire’s February Job Seeker Faves

Every month, Spark Hire is stopping to smell the roses and share a few of our favorite things. We see so many great articles, blog posts, videos, photos, and even memes every month. This is our way of highlighting our favorites…and sharing them with you!

So stop doing the Harlem Shake and check out these great posts from around the Web! Without further ado, here is some of the best information about finally snagging your dream job you might have missed this February: 

Google Yourself To Find Your Dream Job!

You might think looking yourself up on search engine Google is the height of narcissism. But guess what? If you’re not Googling yourself, it’s a good bet potential employers are. You need to get out in front of your personal brand and make sure your search results aren’t ruining your chances of nabbing the job. This infographic discusses what you should find when you type your name into the search box — and who else might be looking at your digital footprint.

4 Job Search Mistakes That Can Cost You the Interview

The interview can be stressful, which explains why so many job seekers tend to flub simple questions. This article on The Daily Muse discusses the four job search mistakes that could impact your interview performance. Whether your interview is in person or through online video, skim this article to avoid these pitfalls.

A Visual Representation of Why It’s Important To Know The Company

Cartoons might make us laugh, but many of them also contain a kernel of truth. This cartoon shows why it’s essential for job seekers to do their research before the job interview. It’s important to not only understand the company culture (you probably shouldn’t be wearing a t-shirt), but also find out about your interviewer. If this job seeker had, he wouldn’t be in the dog house.

Female Job Seekers, Here’s Some Smart Interview Attire

Picking out an outfit for the interview can be a nightmare. You want to be professional, classy, and conservative while still be comfortable and looking like yourself. For female candidates, here’s a good suggestion for an interview outfit both fashion forward and professional.

What Febuary gems did we miss? What’s your job search essential reading? Share your favorites in the comments!

Spark Hire Team

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