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Tips on Writing a Stellar Objective in Your Resume

For many entry level job seekers, using that top space on your resume to write your objective may give your resume the extra boost it needs to stand out from the competition. While other job seekers may include an objective in their skills and qualification summary, those who don’t have the necessary job experience and skills will use their objective summary on their resume to clearly articulate where they’re going with their career and how the job description fits them.

Objectives used to be applicant-oriented when job seekers used their objectives to state what they wanted and what they could get out of the employer. Now objectives have shifted to become more employer-oriented. Objectives are now geared to please the employer and to show the employer that the job candidate is right for the job they are seeking to fill.

In order to write a stellar objective statement on your resume, focus on how you can benefit the employer instead of how you can benefit from the employer. Customize your resume by tailoring each objective for a specific job you are applying for. Hiring managers will see that you took the time to create a resume just for their job.

Don’t make the objective long. Anything that is long on your resume isn’t going to be read from beginning to end. Hiring managers are going to look over resumes that offer clear information and show that you have value. Avoid using cliche words and phrases such as “growth” and “utilize skills”. Instead look for better words to demonstrate how your experience and skills make you the right candidate for the position.

For job seekers applying for an entry level job, it’s important to use the objective statement as a way to state what it is exactly you want from the job and why. Hiring managers will see that you don’t have a lot of job experience, but using eye-catching words that clearly state what job you want in one sentence or two will make your resume stand out.

By taking your personal career goals and lining them up with the job description, you can write a stellar career objective that will land you your next job interview.

Pro Tip: Enhance your objective with a video resume to show your personality and passion for the job you’re applying for.

What does your objective statement say? Do you change it for each job you apply for? Share in the comments!

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