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popular interview questions for one-way video interviews

Popular One-Way Video Interview Questions

popular interview questions for one-way video interviewsSome of you may be familiar with phone screens, but if you’re new to the video interview scene you may not have a lot of experience with one-way video interviews. Recently, over on our Human Resources blog we tackled some important interview questions for HR managers to ask during one-way video interviews. Now we’re going to tackle some of those interview questions from the job seekers perspective so you are fully prepared for your own one-way video interview.

One of the most important things to do before a one-way video interview is company research. Since you won’t be able to take cues from your surroundings- as you would an in-person interview, or from your interviewers in a traditional video interview- company research is vital to your success in a one-way video interview. A popular one-way video interview question for a hiring manager or employer to ask is, “What do you know about our company?” This gives employers a chance to weed out those who may not be serious about the position, and keep track of those who have done their company research and put in some work for the job interview.

Other popular interview questions for one-way video interviews include asking candidates why they left their previous position, what makes them an ideal candidate for the job, and what differentiates them from other candidates. The first question is one of the trickiest ones to answer. You never want to slander a former employer- it just makes you look petty and unprofessional. At the same time though, there’s obviously a reason. Some are simple, others are complicated, and if you were let go or fired it becomes even tougher. The best advice is to be straightforward with the employer and explain that you learned a lot from your experience, but that ultimately you feel the environment wasn’t the best fit. This puts the onus not on your skills, or the company leadership, but on a vague company culture difference. Then you can let your personality steal the show when asked why you would be a great fit for this particular job and company.

A Forbes article asserts that the only true interview question is: if offered the job, will you take it? While not all hiring managers may emphasize how much you want the job over how qualified you are, doing your company research and being prepared will help show hiring managers that you make this job a priority. Even if its not an interview question, it’s vital to show potential employers that you want THIS job, not just any job.

One-way video interviews may challenge you to prepare differently than other interview types you may be used to, but the key is still company research. If you think about the interview questions we’ve provided, along with information you discover about the job and the company, you’ll be ready to ace your next (or first!) one-way video interview.

Have you participated in a one-way video interview before? What advice would you give other job seekers in answering the interview questions? Share with us in the comments section below!

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