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Job Search Diagnostics, Part III

Last week we talked about your video resume, and you’ve had a few video interviews since. You really are on the cutting edge of job seeker technology, and that is praise-worthy. However, what if these video interviews aren’t leading to job offers? It’s time for some job search diagnostics to figure out the problems in your video interview strategy. Here are some possible culprits, if your video job search isn’t producing any job offers.

Your video/sound quality
Struggling to hear someone can be a very frustrating experience, and job seekers should avoid frustrating their interviewers at all costs. Do a test run of all audio/visual equipment before a video interview, so that any glitches can be discovered and worked out. Although you may not be able to practice with the exact video interview interface, as your employer will choose that, you can test sound levels and video quality via other assorted video chat programs (like Spark Hire!).

Your wardrobe
It is important to dress as professionally as you would for any other interview. However, some additional rules apply for job seekers on camera. For example, Forbes warns to avoid orange like the plague (with the head-and-shoulders view it can make you like a convict, apparently). Also beware of matching your background too closely, and always be sure to dress professionally from head-to-toe. I know, it’s tempting to interview in a suit on top and sweat pants on bottom…but one wrong shift of the camera and the jig is up.

Your body language
Job seeker body language is especially important in video interviews, but it can be a little trickier. Forbes suggests sitting at a slight angle to the camera, instead of sitting square in front of it. This position makes you look more at ease. Also, keep in mind that eye contact can be different in front of a camera. In order to maintain eye contact with your interviewers, you should look at the camera and not at their image on the screen.

Your in-person interview mistakes (that are also bad for video interviews)
Most of the job seeker in-person interview mistakes also apply to video interviews. You can eat that onion bagel, and have super stinky breath, but that’s about the only mistake that is acceptable for a video interview. Check out these things job seekers should avoid in interviews from Spark Hire, and make your job search as short as possible.

How are video interviews working for your job search? If your job search is going slowly, send a question to Job Search Diagnostics by leaving a comment below, or send me a tweet: @ithinkther4iamb

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