How to Answer “Tell Us Something Unique About You”

There are a number of dreaded interview questions. “Tell us about your biggest weakness” is certainly one, as it can be tricky to find a way to turn a negative into a positive without seeming fake or like you’re bragging. Another one that often stumps job seekers is “Tell us something unique about you.” It […]

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Is Your Body Language Keeping You From Getting Your Dream Job?

They finally called. You’re one step closer to your dream job; you got the interview! Insert ridiculous happy dance here. You take a deep breath and begin running through a mental checklist of everything you need to know before the big day. You’ve followed some of the best advice for job seekers out there; you’ve […]

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Interviewing Your Interviewer: 6 Questions to Help Determine Fit

Too many job seekers view interviews as one-sided – a time for them to be poked and prodded by potential employers. And yes, interviews put interviewees on the spot. But while interviews are designed to help employers learn about prospective employees, they’re also a great way for job seekers to learn more about a company.