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Spark a Conversation: Company Culture Fit with Video Interviews

Here at Spark Hire, we want to help candidates find their dream jobs using the power of online video. We get a lot of questions from readers about how to use online video in their search for a great job. These posts will address those questions about how to find success in your job search.

Question: How can I use the video interview to show I’d fit into the company culture? -Patricia from Minneapolis

Thanks for your question, Patricia! Finding a great company culture fit is so important for job seekers looking for a new job. If you think about it, you probably spend more time at work than you do in your own home. In that case, if you are spending eight hours a day with people you don’t like- or don’t get along with- then you are doing yourself a huge disfavor. You want to be able to enjoy coming to work and spending time with those around you. That is why interviewing for company culture fit on the job seekers side is something that should not be looked over.

Before even applying to a job with a new company you should take some time and do a bit of company research before. You should take a look at their company website, read any news articles on them and check out their social media feeds to try and capture a sense of the company culture they have. If you think you would fit in nicely with the culture then it’s time to work on showing the employers that you do. Once you have pinpointed the company culture- whether they are more traditional and rule-oriented or innovative and free-wheeling- you can tailor your answers to the interview questions asked in one-way video interviews and live video interviews. In answering their interview questions you can stress the kind of company culture you believe they have and how you would easily fit into it. This way employers will see that you did some research on their company and understand what is needed in order to fit in and be successful there.

What you should also be doing in the video interview process to test company culture fit is to ask the employer specific questions about it. Since you have already done a good amount of research on the company, you should be able to ask insightful questions that not only impress the employer but also deliver you answers that will help you make a firm decision. Take a look at what some of the best company culture fit interview questions are and start preparing yourself to look for a great match.

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