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Spark A Conversation: Standing Out in a Video Resume

Here at Spark Hire, we want to help candidates find their dream jobs using the power of online video. We get a lot of questions from readers about how to use online video in their search for a great job. These posts will address those questions about how to find success in your job search.

Question: How can I stand out from the pack in my video resume? -Christian from Washington

Thank you for your question, Christian! Standing out from the pack is exactly what a video resume does for candidates. Most candidates today are still sending along traditional resumes, so a video resume will certainly get you noticed right away. However, once everyone starts sending along video resumes you have to work even harder to be sure you are standing out from most other candidates in the job search. Here are some ways you can stand out from other job seekers in your video resume:

Talk About the Company
By doing research and talking about the company, you are showing the hiring manager that you truly care about this position. This is one of the best ways to stand out from other job seekers. Talk about why you want to work for this company and what it is about the position that piqued your interest. Bring up as many specifics as you can from the research you performed in the company. Do they boast of a great work environment with a great company culture? Do they pride themselves in the services they provide? Bring these specifics up in your video resume and you’ll be sure to catch their attention.

Talk About References
Bringing up references in your video resume is another way to catch the attention of the hiring manager or employer looking through applications. If you can attest to having a few great references right from the start, then you may reel in employers. Knowing that there is someone to verify the skills and qualifications you are saying you have is attractive and makes you more credible than someone that fails to mention the references that can back up their claims. Discuss your references from the start and you’ll be doing what a lot of job seekers pass up.

Company’s Future
Does the company make note of any changes they are going through in the job description? If they are a growing startup company or a company that has been around for a long time and is looking to make some changes, often they will state it in the job description with their company background. If you can find a way to bring this up in your video resume and talk about how your skills, qualifications or ideas can benefit that change then you will be sure to grab the attention of the hiring manager in your job search. On top of that, if you can find a way to bring up how you would fit in with these company changes it’s even better.

Samples of Work
This is heavily dependent on the industry you are in and the kind of work you do, but if you can find a way to incorporate some samples of your work into your video resume it’s another great way to stand out from other job seekers.If you are a graphic designer, find some creative, interesting way to place a sample of yours into your video. If you are in an industry where your work is physical, such as a designer or someone that works with crafts, then you can present some of your best work right there in the video resume.

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