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Spark A Conversation: Video Resumes and Social Media

Here at Spark Hire, we want to help candidates find their dream jobs using the power of online video. We get a lot of questions from readers about how to use online video in their search for a great job. These posts will address those questions about how to find success in your job search.

Question: How do I integrate my video resume with my social media profiles? -Catherine from Ocala

Thanks for a great question, Catherine! Video resumes are a great way to stand out from the rest of the job seekers out there. If you send it along with your traditional resume, you can allow employers to learn a ton more about you. You are putting yourself directly in front of the employer right from the get-go. This is what you want out of your job search, right? Video resumes are especially great for job seekers that are into sales, communications positions and any customer-facing jobs.

Once you have created and recorded your video resume and are ready to start sharing it, what do you do? There are a number of different ways you can share your video resume with employers. You can add the link to an email when you send along your other application documents. You can also add it to your personal website so that anyone who visits will see your personality, communication skills and passion. Perhaps the most useful way of sharing your new video resume is through social media. It’s no secret that employers are using social media outlets in the hiring process. As a job seeker, you can use this to your advantage.

The best way to interlace video resumes and social media profiles is to add the video resume link to each profile. When you create a video resume, you will receive a link that you can share with anyone so that they may see your video. Adding this link to all of your social media profiles increases the visibility of your video resume- especially if you are a social media pro. On top of that, if you have already connected with a company via social media, then why not send them your video resume link directly? If you are using Facebook, you can leave a professional comment on their page expressing your interest and simply tack on the link at the end. With Twitter, you can do the same in a short tweet.

Sharing your video resume is easiest with social media, so start sharing and get yourself seen!

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