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How to Win the Job (or the Presidency!) [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the presidential election drawing near, it seems the candidates are everywhere you look. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are vying for the most powerful office in the country and they’re using every tool in their toolbox to land the job.

As job seekers looking for your dream job, just because you’re not vying for the Oval Office doesn’t mean there aren’t some things you can learn from the presidential hopefuls.

Networking, branding, social media, and video are all part of a successful and well-rounded presidential campaign. For job seekers, these lessons can also be taken and applied to the hunt for the perfect position.

This infographic we compiled is here to help job seekers campaign for their jobs with all the savvy of a presidential candidate. You don’t need a lawn sign to land a great job, but these other campaign tactics just might do the trick.

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What do you think? What lessons can you take from the presidential candidates? Share in the comments!

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