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negotiating salary

Get the Salary You Want #INFOGRAPHIC

Negotiating salary is a particularly touchy and somewhat difficult situation. There are a lot of different schools of thought on how a job seeker should handle talking about salary in a job interview. Should you ask first? Should you ask at all? If they ask you about your salary expectations, what should you say? Not knowing how to navigate these waters can leave you drowning in a sea of confusion. Thankfully this infographic from Kate White at Levo League can help young professionals negotiate the salary they desire.

If you take a look at the infographic, you’ll see that before you can start negotiating or talking about salary at all you must first know the industry standards. Take a look at what shows as the average salary range for your position and start from there. You need to factor in years of experience and any extra schooling you may have as well. From there, it’s all about staying strong and employing some great negotiation tactics. White states that the job seeker should not be the first to name a number. Instead, let the employer bring up salary first and leave negotiations until after you have received an offer. Take a look at the infographic below to see how you should handle the rest of the salary situation. Stay firm!

negotiating salary

Nicole Nicholson

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