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The Boss-Employee Relationship [INFOGRAPHIC]

The relationships between bosses and employees is sometimes a fairly difficult one. Communication is key and if you get too close to one or the other, the relationship can get really difficult. Professionalism is another important, key factor in the relationship between employee and employer. The infographic below provided by takes a look at this particular relationship in detail. Did you know that 25 percent of bosses die of heart disease? It’s definitely an interesting fact. For more interesting facts on employers and employees, take a look at the infographic below.

We all know that bosses can be a big pain to deal with. On the flip side, you can have an awesome boss or manager that truly looks out for you and has your back. Going along with human nature though, it’s a bit more interesting to read about the negative. We all want to hear the juicy reasons as to why certain employees dislike their bosses. Or is that just me? I digress. According to the infographic, 20 percent of employees said their managers or bosses failed to keep the promises they made. Can you imagine being told that something would get done “without a doubt” and it never happens? Definitely a good reason to be frustrated or upset. Remember our recent article on employee appreciation? Well, 18 percent of employees stated that their bosses did not give them the credit they deserved. When feeling appreciated is the most important thing for an employee, this can be a real blow to the ego.

Take a look at the other statistics provided by this infographic and see what you think of the relationship between boss and employee.

The Boss-Employee Relationship


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