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Want to Become a Medical Assistant? #infographic

jobsOver the course of the recession and post-recession, the healthcare industry has been fairing very well in comparison to most other industries. Other industries lost job after job, but the health care industry saw continual growth over the years and continues to do so. In a way, it makes sense. People are always going to need healthcare regardless of what the economy is like and where the job market is. Injuries happen, accidents occur and diseases inflict thousands of people everyday. So it should be no surprise that young adults or those wanting to return to school are headed for the medical schools and medical training. Therapy of all types right now is a great field to get into. For those that don’t have time time or the money to really return to school, being a medical assistant is a great option. But what do they do and how do you become one?

This infographic from and Health School Guide maps it all out for you if you were considering becoming a medical assistant. First off, you should know what a medical assistant does. According to the infographic, they complete the administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of doctors and health practitioners. Medical assistants can do anything from checking the vital signs and the healthy history of a patient to preparing blood for tests and giving patients injections as well as scheduling appointments. When you look at it this way, it seems as though a medical assistant’s day can be quite full.

With all of these tasks they can perform, it’s interesting to see that medical assistants don’t need higher education. In fact, they can get by with just a high school degree. That’s because most medical assistants learn most of what they know through on the job training. It’s probably for this reason why they don’t earn a whole lot of money. On average, medical assistants earn about $30,170 a year. Check out the infographic to learn more about being a medical assistant if it’s something you are interest in. There certainly are a lot of jobs available.


SOURCE: School Guide

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