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States’ Employment Growth Rates #infographic

After reading about the state of the job market, we’re all pretty much up-to-date on where we stand. Recovery and growth has taken a back seat and is almost virtually no where to be found. In fact, over the past three months we have seen our unemployment rate increase by a small percentage and the number of jobs created has dwindled as well. This is general knowledge, but it’s more interesting to take a look at our country and see what states are faring well and which are not. Since employment issues vary across the states, there are definitely some states that are doing very well and others that are crashing. This infographic easily breaks it all down for us.

This infogaphic from and Turbo Metrics takes a look at the breakdown of growth, or lack there of, for each state in the U.S. According to the statistics, last month New Hampshire experienced the greatest job loss with a decrease in employment of -.76 percent. On the other end, Hawaii saw the greatest growth with a .77 percent increase in employment rates. If we were to take a look at employment across the states on a year to year basis, Rhode Island would have the greatest loss at -.93 percent and North Dakota would have the greatest growth at 7.15 percent. New Hampshire still wasn’t doing so well with a -.59 percent employment growth.

With those statistics, it’s not too surprising to see that over a three-year period, North Dakota still had the highest employment growth at 14.8 percent. Here, the greatest loss was attributed not to New Hampshire, (which as still not too great at -.72 percent) but to Nevada at -2.35 percent employment growth rate. Trailing behind Nevada was Alabama with a -1.18 percent employment rate. When you expand that period to five years, the results are unchanging. North Dakota is still on top with a 16.83 percent employment growth and Nevada is still on the bottom with a -12.88 percent employment growth. Take a look at the infographic and see the visual breakdown of jobs across the country.

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