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Starting Salaries for New Grads #infographic

graduatesSummer has rolled around and most college seniors are done and graduated. Once the parties come to an end and the luster of receiving your diploma goes away, reality sets in. It’s now time to hunt for a job. The job market isn’t in the best position right now, we all know this, but it’s also not too shabby for recent graduates when compared to last year. Employers plan on hiring more people this year than they did last year and the starting salaries for recent graduates isn’t too bad. In fact, our friends over at Online Colleges created an infographic that takes a look at all of these things.

According to the graphic and it’s statistics, this year employers plan on hiring 9.5 percent more new graduates than they did last year. The reasons for this increase obviously vary across the board, but most employers site growth, retiring workers and/or more business. That’s great news for recent graduates looking to start their careers right out of college. It’s also interesting to see that most employers right now view the job market positively.

Specifically, 46.4 percent of employers say that the job market health is good right now, 11.9 percent say that the market is very good and only 3.1 percent say that it’s poor. This is very interesting seeing as though reports from the BLS and Labor Department both show that hiring as slowed over the past three months.

So what are these employers looking for in newly graduated hopefuls? On a five-point scale, most employers were looking most for candidates that took part in extracurriculars and candidates that show they’ve had a leadership role. They obviously look at the degree you’ve earned and right behind that is your volunteer work. These are the main things employers look for, so if you have them you are more likely to get hired. The least important was the school you attended. Take a look at the infographic yourself and see where employers and recent graduates stand in the job market of today.

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SOURCE: Online Colleges

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