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Starting Your Internship Off Right

There’s no denying the fact that internships are becoming more and more important.  In fact, most employers expect potential employees to have previously worked an internship at some point in their lives.  Internships are beneficial because they allow you to fully understand a specific industry, occupation, and company. Moreover, if you are a diligent worker and make a good impression, the internship might even become a job offer. In order to assist interns, I’ve compiled a list of tips that may help aspiring individuals achieve success in their internship.

Be Observant
Being a good listener is an attribute that can help anyone excel in every facet of their professional life.  Learning from others’ mistakes is important so that you avoid making the same ones.  Also, being observant can help you assimilate to the environment in which you are working.

Be Respectful
Don’t forget to be respectful to your co-workers and to follow appropriate etiquette when performing daily tasks.  Your co-workers may not always remember or commend you when you’re polite but they will almost always remember when you’re rude.  Also, as an intern you’re going to be asking for help often.  If you always behave respectfully then people will be more inclined to help you when you ask.  Above all, never use your company email-address or company phone for personal issues.  Trust me, I’ve seen it happen before and it doesn’t end well.

Set Goals
In order to succeed in anything you need to set goals.  These goals should be specific, measurable, difficult, and feasible.  I suggest setting short term goals and over-arching long term goals.  It’s equally important to plan out exactly how you will achieve your goals.

Go The Extra Mile
This piece of advice seems cheesy; however individuals tend to overlook its importance.  As a rule, always let your actions speak for you.  You don’t want to be “just another intern”.  Showing up to work fifteen minutes early and leaving fifteen minutes late can really show an employer a great deal about your work ethic.  As I always say, if you’re on time then you’re late but if you’re early then you’re on time.  Furthermore, anticipating what your supervisor wants you to do and completing the task before he or she tells you to is another key to success.

Be An Active Learner
I truly believe that the most important aspect of an internship is the learning experience.  An individual can acquire certain knowledge from an internship that isn’t offered anywhere else.  If you treat every activity at your internship as an opportunity to learn then you will fully reap the benefits of the internship.  Also, constantly educate yourself on the industry in which you work by consulting the news, blogs, online videos, and periodicals.  This outside knowledge can help you demonstrate higher value to your co-workers when you’re at the office and can be applied to your daily tasks.

Ask Questions
Don’t be timid. Your co-workers were in your place at one point in time and understand what it’s like to be unfamiliar with the company.  Asking lots of questions will help you better understand your responsibilities so that you can perform your job to the best of your ability.  In addition, asking a lot of questions may show your supervisor just how motivated you are.

I hope you found these tips to be helpful and I wish you the best of luck with your internship.

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Jeremy Tolan

Jeremy Tolan is a Marketing Assistant at He is currently studying Telecommunications at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys exercising and watching movies. Connect with Jeremy and Spark Hire on Facebook and Twitter.

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