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How to Get Over a Bad Day at Work

Papers are piling up, your boss is on your back and your head is starting to ache. You were looking forward to eating the lunch you packed, since you have no time to go buy food today, but someone ate it out of the office refrigerator. To top it all off, your computer is deciding to run at a snail’s pace just when you need it to be at top-notch performance. Can you say bad day? Doubtless, we’ve all been there. It’s these days that make us want to throw our hands up, walk out the door and crawl back into our comfortable, warm beds. At least that’s what I want to do when I have a bad day at work. There are much better ways though to deal with your bad day.

The beginning of this week was particularly, well, not so great. Aside from the fact that the sun didn’t want to come out for an entire week in Chicago just added to the whole bad attitude I was conjuring up. For starters, Mondays are always a bit difficult but when you add a speeding ticket on your way to work to the mix, it’s hard to start your week all chipper and “ready to get to work”. Add running late, losing your lunch to a coworker and being swamped to the pot and you have one stressed-out content editor. It was OK though. I’d like to think that I have organization skills and the power to calm myself down when on edge, which really got me through the day. Some people, however, might not posses such skill. That is why you should take a look at these tips I provided below on how to get through this terrible, seemingly never ending day. And remember, it’s just one day. In a few hours, it will be O.V.E.R. and you can crawl back into that bed of yours when you get home if you must.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself
First thing’s first. If you are having a bad day because you have too much work, then take a second and think of where it’s all coming from. Is this your normal work flow and it just seems like more today, or did you tell others that you would get something done by a certain time but forgot about all your other work? That is why you shouldn’t make promises you’re not sure you can keep. Of course, everyone wants to give off the impression that they can handle anything that is thrown in their direction. After all, we all want to be the super employee. However, you can’t take on everything by yourself! You need to know your limits and you should only agree to do things if you know that you have the time and your normal work load won’t suffer.

Take a Break
I know that it seems outrageous for me to tell you to take a break when you have all of this work but trust me, it’s needed. If you feel the pressure starting to build, then before you explode you need to jump ship ie. go for a walk, go grab a coffee or tea at the closest store or just step outside for a second. Stepping away from your work for even just five minutes can make you feel a world better. When I was having my hectic, crazy day I contemplated skipping out on my lunch to save time. Of course, I didn’t really have much of a choice when one of my coworkers accidentally ate my lunch, but I digress. (Also, it must be noted this coworker definitely made up for it- no hard feelings!) I said to myself, “Ahh! I have so much work I should really just eat and work.” A lot of people do this, and kudos to them. However, I know myself and I know that I need a break. I take my lunch break every day and read. It’s my break and it’s my 30 to 45 minutes to take a breather and step away from my work. It’s needed and skipping it would have only added to my bad mood. I took my break and read my book as normal and I felt so much more relaxed and calm when I returned to work. Needless to say, when you are having a bad day a break is most important.

Perhaps one of the most important things at work is to know when to ask for help. If you never ask for help for fear that you will look incompetent or weak, then you can really stress yourself out. If you are swamped don’t be afraid to ask someone for help.

Call Someone
When you’re feeling like you’re about to burst, give one of your friends a call. Or perhaps your significant other, or your mom, or whoever you want to vent to. The sweet release of verbal venting will make you feel so much better. Plus, if you vent a bit on your friend or someone out of the office, the chances of you exploding at work are decreased significantly. (Note: having an emotional outburst at work is something you should avoid at all costs.)

Relax At Home
While I realize not everyone can just go home after work and kick their feet up, you should definitely try to have some relaxation. Going from a hectic day at work right into a hectic night at home can throw your bad mood into a terrible, irreversible one. Try and take some time for yourself when you get home to unwind and reflect on the day.

Accept the Bad Day and Move On
You had a bad day. It’s OK because we have all had one. Rather than try and push it aside, accept it and understand it. Be ready to put it behind you and to start the next day fresh and new.

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Nicole Nicholson

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