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Signs That It’s Time To Leave Your Job

It’s practical advice to look before you leap prior to making any sort of life changing decision, but even more so when it comes to employment. There will be times when you will just not be happy at work. Maybe you’re going through a rough patch at home, or maybe you’re having a difficult time adjusting to changes in the workplace. These phases come and go and you may soon find yourself happy at your job again. However, if these feelings of unhappiness and frustration go on for a period of more than a couple of months, then it is probably a sign that it’s time to leave your job.

Things like your skills being underutilized, a passionless state of mind and a difficult boss are definite signs that it is time to leave your job. Working in an environment where your accomplishments are overlooked or you feel like you could be contributing more but are not given the chance can take a toll on you and will definitely contribute to workplace unhappiness. The same goes for having a job which you are not passionate about. Eventually, every day will begin to blend together and your enthusiasm will dwindle resulting in poor job performance. Even worse is a boss who makes the day seem even longer. Bosses and coworkers are important aspects of your workplace environment and if you cannot get along with either, then it is definitely time to start thinking of making a change.

The decision to begin looking elsewhere for employment can be made easy if your company is tanking or your attitude and behavior do not match with your work environment. There are times when a company has made all the cuts they can make and spent all the money they can spend. If you’re sensing a company shutdown, it is time to start looking. The same goes for your values at work. If your values and beliefs do not align with your work place environment, it can make the setting uncomfortable and ultimately, unworkable.

One of the biggest signs that it’s time to leave your job is an unprofessional work environment. Things like bullying, sexual harassment, and other behavior that is not appropriate for the workplace is not something you should have to put up with. If this occurs for longer than you are comfortable with and you have spoken with HR and still nothing is changing, it is time to move on.

Before making any decisions however, make sure you have considered all your options. If a change is necessary, stay professional and begin your search because no one deserves to be unhappy at work. Plus, take notes on the tips we provide you on how to quit your job on good terms. When you are ready to start looking for a new job, use Spark Hire and put yourself above the competition right from the get go.

SOURCE: Psychology Today

Stephanie Becerra

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