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Job or Career? You Decide

Do you want a job or a career? Yes, there is a difference, if only in the context. Careers usually tend to be longer and more stable, while people move between jobs all the time. Although recent trends showing that careers and jobs are becoming one and the same, given the amount of time people spend at one work place is dramatically decreasing. Generally, a career is a long-term commitment to an organization or field. For example, for most people a paper route is a job and not a career. I hope I’ve made this point clear, otherwise this entire article is just a moo point. I know it’s moot, but like a cow’s opinion, it just doesn’t matter. It’s ‘moooo.’ But moving on…

You have to decide what you want to do, and then devote your time and talents to pursuing that goal. For the most part, college students go to school to get an education on a field they want to end up working in. This turns into a career. The job at the mail room is just a means to earn money through school. If you have a dream career in mind, then go for it. You have to do what’s best for you. The problem a lot of people face is that they get caught up in a job. While they may enjoy the job, it ends up distracting them from their career goals.

Now, it is entirely possible for an unexpected job to turn into a long-term career. And if that happens then all the better for you. The point here is don’t let a good job distract you from your ideal career. Careers are long-term because people feel passionate about the position; they are defined by more than the amount of time they put in. A good career is something you are passionate about and willing to maximize everything you are to bring out the benefits of the position. You can do the same thing in a job, but you have to decide if the rewards of that job are worth the energy put in.

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Christopher Comella

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