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Creating a Professional Career Network via Technology

In this Age of Information, connecting with people has been easier than ever, thanks to technology. Technology like smartphones and tablets are making it convenient for some job seekers to find the job of their dreams. But for others, they feel that technology isn’t helping them out. In a New York Times’ 2013 article it was said that applicants complain about their resumes being “consumed by a black hole.” Also, the competition in the job market has become fierce, thanks to the influx of new graduates. Now, finding a new job and building a career can be quite challenging.

However, people usually forget the value of a network. In a previous article on the Spark Hire blog it was discussed how personal and professional networks can really help anyone during times of unemployment. To help job seekers network with the right people and get noticed, here are some useful tips to give them an edge in advancing their career goals.

Build a “Social Resume”

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram are now being used by hiring managers to seek potential employees. Verizon’s Kevin White said that “mobile technology plays a huge role in social resumes.” In his feature, he mentioned that social resumes have changed how employers and job seekers interact with each other. It’s where they post their current job opening in real-time, while checking out an applicant’s social profile. A consistent and current “social resume” will definitely help them get noticed online.

Engage and Follow Interests

After establishing a social resume, it’s time to search and follow companies of interest. Use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to check them out. They should be within the applicant’s field of expertise to help them engage better. Once they’ve chosen these companies, it’s best to follow them to get relevant news and updates. Joining in on online conversations can also help boost their online presence and add value to a potential employer.

Create a Strong Professional Brand Name

Professional branding is very important; it will help job seekers grow their careers. Nowadays, a strong online presence is what networking contacts and employers are looking for. This will also help them make sure that all the relevant information is readily available for them to view. Maintaining a blog is one of the best ways to create a brand. Although, most people already have their own blogs, writing about your area of expertise is a good way to start. Posting relevant comments on other people’s blogs will also help them build their online presence. Volunteering is also another way of building a good brand name.

Tap Old Acquaintances and the Alumni Network

Career coaches would definitely tell anyone that their alumni network is one of the best resources to find a new job. It’s actually a very powerful and useful resource for both graduating college students and alumni. A school’s career services can definitely help find people who are still active in the network. Aside from the alumni affairs office, college events are also a good place to tap old acquaintances to catch up on things. They usually hold networking events or career symposiums to help out job seekers. Tapping into the alumni network can definitely help build one’s professional career network.

To gain an upper hand in a competitive job market, maintaining an active network is the key. Keeping active and engaging with connections can make an applicant’s name rise above the rest. Remember that employers are now relying on online networks when looking for potential employees; it’s more reliable than resumes and it saves them a lot of time. Now, go out and make connections.

About the Author: Kyle Albert is a strong advocate of social networking and believes that it can help in building a career. Since he’s interested in career building tips, Kyle frequently visits Spark Hire for news and inspiration. Being a tech enthusiast, Verizon is his choice for the latest gadget news. Follow Kyle on Twitter at @KyleAlbert9.

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