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Future College Program: Green Technology

The future is now, and the future is green. Solar power, wind turbines, electric cars- everything that has to do with saving money and energy. The field of green technology is exploding and the potential for an outstanding and rewarding career in green jobs is greater than ever. The whole world is moving in the direction of renewable and clean energy, and with that move comes the need for people trained to work. As it has been pointed out in my other two posts about future degrees, there are programs that already cover this topic. I am, however, merely suggesting two things: that incoming and early college students take advantage of booming fields, and that colleges recognize these fields as growing potential and offer a stronger focus on them.

Companies are now being graded on their energy usage and it leaves a mark on people. This is forcing another push toward green energy, as large corporate giants like Google, Apple, Yahoo! and Amazon are making new adjustments to appease the powers that be. Even these large cloud companies are not safe from the emerging importance of being energy efficient.

Universities are also making huge improvements to their energy consumption. Just this past year, DePaul University had constructed two green buildings and installed a number of solar panels on campus. Other schools are doing the same thing. Living in the Midwest, one has also seen the increase in the number of wind turbines that decorate the plains. Those buildings and turbines require trained people to create, design,and implement them.

Green technology is causing a ruckus on the home front as well as the corporate office. Light bulbs, cars, computers, game systems, even the designs of some homes are now being outfitted for saving energy. The same principle applies, in that the world needs people who know how to use and create this technology if it is to ultimately succeed.

The words of the future are efficiency, renewable, and green. As long as the world is learning to adapt, learn how to take advantage of the system and become part of that future. Reap the rewards of a changing world and know that you can make a difference. It won’t be easy- just ask my friend here– there’s still some push back to green technology, but sooner or later the big boom is coming. Be ready for it.

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IMAGE: Courtesy of Es Power Saver

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