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The Most Stressful Jobs In America

Stress is measured differently in each individual. What one may deem an extremely stressful job, another may see it as a walk at the beach. Likewise, what some may see as easy jobs, may be easy for only a certain group of people. Job stress can be caused by many things besides the nature and environment of a job. Extraneous circumstances such as troubles at home or disliking your co-workers or superiors may make an otherwise enjoyable job unbearable. Here’s a list of some of the most stressful jobs in America, both physically, mentally and otherwise.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – Or really any job in the medical field. EMT’s, are usually the first on the scene and essentially hold everyday people’s lives in their hands. The work environment can consist of gruesome scenes and panicked family members or friends. The pressure of that, along with the long hours, make for a very stressful work environment.

Enlisted Soldier – From constantly worrying about their lives stationed in war-torn countries, to being separated from their families at a moment’s notice, it’s no wonder that many soldiers develop post traumatic stress disorder. The life of a solider is rarely predictable and the fact that one cannot just quit if they decided they don’t like it, make for a very stressful job.

Real Estate Agent – The economy is up and down and along with it, the housing market. Real estate agent’s must sell themselves and homes to a small pool of people looking to buy and that isn’t always easy. Competitiveness is at an all time high, with work hours often spilling over time and through the weekend.

Airline Pilot – Holding the lives of hundreds of passengers in one’s hands is likely to make anyone feel stressed. Airline pilots must not only worry about flying and landing their planes safely, but also arriving to their destination on time, rain or shine. The hours are long, erratic, and often times result in a very jet lagged worker.

Corporate Executives
– Though these jobs come with a hefty paycheck, the work is never-ending. Executives are required to know every aspect of the company they are running and must often make tough decisions that will not please every employee. Not only that, there is also constant networking that must be done in order to continue bringing in revenue and success. Overall, a highly stressful job.

Working Parents
– This may not be considered a “job” but the responsibilities and stress that comes with it can definitely deem it one. Juggling a full time job and a life at home for a parent of any sex is stressful. There is a constant pull of how to focus equal time to your work problems and your child’s problems. Illnesses arise and you are sometimes forced to neglect work and sometimes work functions come up and you are forced to neglect family time. Working parents today are definitely dealt with one of the most stressful jobs.

Do you have a stressful job? Although it’s stressful, does the love of your job outweigh the stress?

SOURCE: Business Insider
IMAGE: Courtesy of Wikipedia

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