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Top Jobs and Education Level

Lately, a lot of critics have taken a negative view of higher education with the lagging job market. Many students have questioned whether their decision to attend and pay for higher education was the right one. While it’s clear to many that higher education is the most important asset in earning a good salary and finding a good job, with the job market picking up as slow as it is many can no longer afford the cost. This infographic gives a visual display of the top ten highest paying jobs and the education levels required to get them.

Not surprisingly, most of the top paying jobs are in the medical industry with the highest paid being a surgeon at $225,390 annually. Also not surprising, this profession requires a lot of education. The tenth highest paid job is a Marketing Manager with an annual average salary of $122,270. This position doesn’t require as high an education level as the others, but higher education is certainly required with seven years total usually required of those in this position. Take a look at the infographic and decide for yourself if higher education is still necessary for you.


Nicole Nicholson

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