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All You Need To Get Published Is To Be A Publisher

This is the day of “do-it-yourself.” Shane Snow wrote for Mashable, “It’s never been easier to become a publisher, but being a publisher ain’t easy.” With all the emerging writers and creatives out there, there must be a way to streamline the process of finding a publisher crazy enough to work for the likes of you. Fortunately, people like Shane have come up with a couple steps to show people like us how to do it ourselves. Some of these tactics are as simple as the push of a button. Now all you have to do is write the content.

1. Outbrain: Headline Distribution

Very similar to Google Adwords, Outbrain uses an RSS feed of the content or individual links provided by the publisher and produces headlines near the footer of major media sites such as, CNN, Fox News, Hearst, Mashable, MSNBC and Slate. They are usually labeled “Sponsored” or “Related” posts. Scott Slatin, president of Rivington Media said of Outbrain, “To get placement on these types of sites for less than $0.10 a click is something that no other paid distribution partner can match.”

2. SimpleReach: Suggested Story Distribution

This aides publishers in finding and exposing content from their archives that will drive the most traffic through social media channels.

3. ARC: Newswire Distribution

An acronym for “Access, Reach, Connect,” ARC Engagement Platform is an “all-in-one” tool for automatically distributing text and multimedia content across social networks, top 100 video sites and about 6,000 media outlets, according to PR Newswire. This is pretty much a Batman Utility Belt of news release capabilities.

4. Zemanta: Link Distribution

This nifty program is a link distribution engine of the guise of a text editor plugin. It acts as a thinking machine suggesting relevant photos and links for blog posts-in-progress. Mass bloggers will certainly find use for this.

5. TubeMogal OneLoad: Video Distribution

Dubbing themselves, “the most powerful video distribution and tracking solution available,” OneLoad, is a one-stop-shop for bloggers who want to upload a video, blast it across an array of video networks and track its success (or not) using their own built in analytics TubeMogal.

With tools like these literally at your fingertips, ironically those little digits are the only thing stopping you from publishing your work successfully.

SOURCE: Mashable

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