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Wind Energy Jobs at Jeopardy

Thousands of wind energy jobs are at risk as Congress refuses to come to a tax credit decision in a timely manner. Much like year’s past, Congress has not yet decided on whether they will extend tax credits for the wind industry or let them expire.

The tax credit in place is set to expire next December and with failed action from Congress, the industry has already seen a decrease in orders. Without clarity of future investments, the industry is lagging and many companies are already beginning to cut back and lay-off workers. A recent study released released this week by Navigant Consulting found that if the tax credit is not renewed it may result in the loss of 37,000 wind energy jobs.

While Congress and the White House continue to scramble to find ways to create jobs for unemployed Americans, by not acting they may be sabotaging many workers that already enjoy a career and a steady job.
Take a look at what Nathan Crawford, an employee in the wind energy industry, does on a day to day basis and how not renewing the tax credit could hinder his career.

SOURCE: Clean Technica
IMAGE: Clean Technica

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