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Solar Energy Creating Jobs

Back in October, Spark News discussed how green jobs were increasing. The desire for more green energy options and in some states the law’s demand for them sent an upward surge of energy efficient jobs. This infographic from One Block Off the Grid shows how increasing the use of solar energy in the United States would also increase the creation of jobs across the board.

According to the graphic, 37 out of 50 states still do not have solar incentive policies in action. The map shown at the top of the graphic reveals that in most cases, although not all, the number of jobs in the state coincides with the solar grade it received. For example, Kentucky and Virginia are roughly the same size. Kentucky scored an “F” on the solar scale while Virginia scored a “C”. Kentucky has 1,891 jobs available while Virgina has 3,753. There are definitely many different factors in play here, but the existence of a solar incentive policy most likely increases the number of jobs that are available to those that live in the state.

Furthermore, the infographic estimates how many jobs would be created over a 10 year time period and found that Texas, an “F” state, could add 21,714 jobs if they enacted a solar incentive policy. Take a look at the infographic and decide whether or not you think solar incentive policies and the urge to increase green technology could create more jobs in your state.


Nicole Nicholson

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