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Love Them or Hate Them, Office Christmas Parties Are Back In Action

For the past couple of years businesses and companies have been struggling to stay abreast in the weak economy. That’s not to say all companies, but it is safe to say that a lot of them have. Whether employees hate them or bask in the sheer joy they bring, company Christmas parties were one of the first things to get cut over the years during the holiday season in order to save companies much needed money.

CNN Living pointed out in a recent article that, although it may not be the best test of economic health, the return of the office Christmas party and holiday bonuses is a good sign that the economy and market is picking back up. They used this reasoning: “If more employers are willing to spend money on their current employees than they have in recent years, they might also have the budget to hire new employees.” That is a good sign for job seekers and employees alike.

The survey found that 40 percent of employers will be giving employees a holiday bonus this year which is up from the 33 percent that said the same last year. Last year, 52 percent of employers said that they planned on having a Christmas party. This year, 58 percent are planning a holiday party for employees. The survey also found that 22 percent of employees planned on celebrating the holiday season on their own by buying their co-workers and bosses presents.

As fun or awkward as company Christmas parties may be, their sheer presence is a good sign of growth for the job market and should be welcomed by employees all over. Just remember to keep your company partying professional and sober.

IMAGE: The Office courtesy of NBC

Nicole Nicholson

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