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Attractive People Have A Leg-Up In the Job Market

If you have been residing in the United States for the past year or two it’s no surprise that job searches are difficult and snagging a job can take months, maybe even a year for even the most qualified job seekers. Times are tough, that’s nothing new, but what if there were factors working against you finding a job that were completely uncontrollable by you? According to this infographic from and video from Reuters, looks matter in the job market. Unfair it may be, but according to these studies, attractive women have a 72 percent advantage to getting a job and for attractive men, a 63 percent advantage. When considering how many factors are already at play when trying to find a job adding looks into the mix can be daunting for many.

However, in addition to the statistics on looks in the workplace the infographic points out that confidence is still a huge factor when it comes to succeeding at work. Furthermore, confidence is a key element in the interview and job search process and will likely overpower an interviewers opinion on looks if exuded properly.



SOURCE: and Reuters
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