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4 Tips For Those Unemployed During the Holiday Season

Holiday cheer is buzzing through the air all around. Your stomach may have finally digested from Thanksgiving dinner and the end of the year holidays are fast approaching. Everyone seems to be in a holiday infused intoxication but what if you are still looking for a job? For unemployed job seekers, the holidays can bring on an influx of stress, frustrations and anxieties. Thankfully, the Business Insider posted four tips that job seekers can follow to stay above water during the holiday season.

1. Take a Break From Your Search
Everyone knows that searching for a job is in itself a full-time job. Tweaking your resume and cover letters for each job application and sending post-interview emails can get stressful and consume a ton of your time. As the Insider states, if you were employed you would probably be enjoying holiday parties and time-off. So, why don’t you do just that. Take some time off! Plus, most employers are busy during the holidays so it’s a good time to relax and focus more on networking.

2. Listen
The holidays are chock full of parties and events. Attending holiday parties is a great chance to network and to meet new people who may be able to help you in your efforts of finding a job. The Insider discusses how more often than not, those who are employed are usually very quick to give advice upon hearing that you are unemployed. Though not all of the advice you receive will actually help you, in fact most of it may not, you never know when something good will come your way. That said, you should always listen to what people have to say to you.

3. Refresh
Much like the first tip, you should take time during the holiday season to relax. If you rest up now, you can come back to the job market in 2012 relaxed and ready to tackle hundreds of applications! It’s never a good idea to exert yourself to the extreme, so take a couple of weeks and enjoy the holiday buzz whirling around you.

4. Stand Up For Yourself
Maybe not for all, but for most the holidays are all about family, family, family. Love them or can’t stand them, your family members are likely to be around and in full force the holiday season. Though they usually mean well, family members can have a tendency of stressing you out by dwelling on the fact that you do not have a job. The Insider suggests that if your family members are constantly bothering you about not having a job, stand up for yourself. It’s bad enough you haven’t been able to find a job. You are trying your hardest and you probably don’t need Aunt Nancy getting on your case about it too. Getting more stressed about not having a job doesn’t work to your advantage. So, stick up for yourself and remember: relax. It’s the holidays!

SOURCE: The Business Insider
IMAGE: Courtesy of Soda Head

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