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Students Question Higher Education

While reports show that the job market is picking up some steam, a piece by KETV News reports on how college students today have started to question whether going to college right now is even a good idea.

If you remember, a couple weeks ago Obama announced a plan to help students with the loans that they accumulate over the years with college payments. His plan is set to ease graduate’s repayment of federal loans so students entering into college now will not be held back or deterred by financial worries. If the bill is passed, it may keep prospective students on board, but as KETV reports, there is still a large amount of uncertainty in current students as to whether or not they will find a job when they graduate.

University of Nebraska Omaha student Allison Holmes said, “I’m having a little trouble seeing the future for me right now. I’m very nervous about it.” Some students have even decided to pick a major that will give them a better chance at finding a job when they graduate rather than going with a major that they are fully interested in and enjoy. “I wouldn’t go to school for business right now. So, I picked a field that there are a lot of jobs out there,” said University of Nebraska Omaha student Kyle Harbison.

The lack of available jobs and the chance of finding a job with a reasonable salary after graduation has caused Holmes to question if going to college right now is even the right choice. “At the same time, I wonder if maybe I should just be working now at an entry level job and going up from there.” And while internships offer a good way for students or recent graduates to get their foot in the working world, often times it is difficult to even find those and many, if not the majority, are unpaid.

It may be a difficult market out there, but as KETV reports, students still remain hopeful of a good future. Hopeful the job market will pick up and hopeful that those in Washington will help.

Watch the KETV report here:
Job Market Weighs Heavy on College Students


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