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The Most Underrated Jobs

Each January, analysts look at 200 professions and rate them according to pay, hiring outlook, work environment, stress and physical demands to create lists of the top 10 best and worst jobs. This year, with the job market at a grim state, they created a list of the most underrated jobs in America.

The top three of that list are discussed below:

The number one most underrated job in America right now is a paralegal and legal assistant. They make an average annual income of $47,000, and over the past three years the average unemployment rate in the field has been just 3.1%. On top of that, the job has a low stress level and requires little contact with the public. Accountants take the second place with an average income of $60,000 and an average three-year unemployment rate of 4.8%. Loan officer ranks third, with income of $55,000 and a three-year unemployment rate of 4.4%.

SOURCE: Forbes

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