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3 Ways a Hiring Manager Spots a Team Player in the Interview

3 Ways a Hiring Manager Spots a Team Player in the Interview

As CAREEREALISM states, hiring team players who are self-motivated, sharp, flexible, accessible, and passionate is a top priority of many hiring managers.  However, as a job seeker, it can be a bit confusing trying to figure out how to display all of these traits throughout the interview process.

Being a good team player is something that you may think takes time and work effort to prove.  However, there are 3 things that a hiring manager is looking for in the interview when searching for the right candidate that can help you to prove your ability to be a team player.

1. Display a positive attitude

A positive attitude is a key trait of team players.  Make sure that you are positive during the interview when discussing your previous work experiences and projects.  I know, it may be tempting to blame your mean boss for your lack of success in your last job, but trust me when I say this is NOT the way you want to go!

Always speak positively about your previous work experiences, colleagues, and managers.  A good team player has the ability to work well with others, regardless of cultural differences or different personalities.  Making mention of any “difficulties” you had in previous jobs when working with others, no matter how truly difficult they were, will only be a red flag to the hiring manager.

2. Show excitement

Another key trait that team players portray is the ability to get excited about their work.  During the interview, make sure that you show excitement and passion for your past experience and projects.  When the hiring manager asks about your skills and ability to perform in the job you are interviewing for, get excited about the possibilities and the opportunity.

3. Proof of your experience working in a team

The best way to prove to a hiring manager that you are a good team player is to provide examples.  If you don’t have a portfolio of your past experience, put one together now.  Gather your work examples, performance reviews, awards, and even simple congratulations emails from your managers to include in the portfolio.

If you have worked on team projects in the past, chances are that you have project examples to show or even letters of appreciation from colleagues or managers regarding your contributions to the project.  Be sure to include these examples and explanations of your role and contributions on the team.

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Julia Weeks

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